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by John Sullivan

Syllabi Tour

With a new format for information, the look of my syllabus also had to change. Publisher provides a variety of ways of conveying information. I have provided several examples of how information can be delivered. Many of my choices reflect the importance of the information.

Using Publisher means that I have had to be selective of the information that I include. For example, the "Successful College Students" page on the left, while visually interesting, also contains very succinct information because of the limited space.

Publisher also allows me to make my course calendar an actual calendar, which is easier for both my students and me.

I can place specific or general information, as well as a list of homework.

One of the purposes of adopting a newsletter format was to change the delivery of information from simple paragraphing to newspaper-like articles. I use short, squat articles of the typical newspaper columns.

My general information page, with course information, texts, and the date of the final, looks different from all the other pages, which helps emphasize the information. The template for this page is already provided by Publisher.

To learn how to construct you own syllabus using Publisher, move to the next page.

This would also be a good time to open Microsoft Publisher on your own computer and complete each lesson as you move through the site. Have fun!


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