Here are some ways to apply what you've learned ...

Professional Development

Discover through your research office a conference to attend on assessment and writing student learning outcomes or identify a college workshop to attend on assessment and writing student learning outcomes.

In the Classroom

  • Examine your old syllabus to identify ways in which you can shift from your teacher-centered objectives to student-centered learning outcomes.
  • Rewrite your teacher-centered objectives so that they become student-centered.


Building Campus Community

  • Discuss with your departmental colleagues ways in which they assess student learning outcomes and recommend that your colleagues identify ways to shift from being teacher-centered to student-centered in their classroom activities.
  • Report to your colleagues at a departmental meeting how you have modified your old syllabus to address your new emphasis on what students have learned, how you have measured students’ learning, and what you anticipate will be the result of your new emphasis on students’ learning.
  • Survey your colleagues in a departmental meeting regarding the ways in which they have modified the course objectives to learning outcomes in a course or course section.
  • Report to the campus or college community how your department has embraced the new focus on student learning outcomes advocated by your accrediting association.