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Physical Oceanography Field Studies

Dr. Flipper


Office — Room 210; Office hours - MWF 9 -10, F 1-3; Other times by request.

Phone: 123-4567; FAX: 765-4321; e-mail: filpper@pacific.ocean.com


Field Notebook, pencils, sleeping bag etc... (see back page)

Optional Text Book:

Sea Cliffs, Beaches and Coastal Valleys of San Diego County (Kuhn & Shepard)


This course is the companion field course for Physical Oceanography, and will consist of 3 meetings and a field trip (discussed below). Grading will be based on attendance, work to be completed during the trip, notes taken during the trips, and class participation. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE FIELD TRIP, PLEASE DROP THE COURSE IMMEDIATELY SO THAT SOMEONE ELSE MAY GO IN YOUR PLACE!


    1. This course consists of three meetings and a related field trip. During the trip we will be acquiring data which will become part of the "Changing California Coastline" web site. At our first meeting each student will be assigned to a team whose responsibilities relate to data acquisition and/or the construction of this web site. This first meeting is set for Saturday, February 10th at 9:00 am, room 211.
    2. Our second meeting will be a Saturday training session. Each team will be assigned a 2-hour block of time on Saturday, April 14th sometime between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM to come to campus for training.
    3. The Field Trip itself will be a three-day excursion examining near-shore marine, beach and shoreline processes, California coastal geology, and the human impact on our coastline. The trip will leave on Friday; we will visit Sea World, camp on the beach Friday and Saturday night, arriving back at PCC sometime Sunday evening. This trip is scheduled for Friday, May 4th through Sunday, May 6th. A preliminary itinerary and equipment list for this trip appears on the back of this page.
    4. We will have a post-field trip meeting on Saturday, May 12th at 9:00 am to finalize data and web pages.


You must have successfully completed, or be currently enrolled in Physical Oceanography to take this course.


Field trips are a valuable extension of the classroom, therefore normal classroom conduct is expected at all times. Drugs, firearms, alcohol, nuclear weapons etc. are not permitted on field trips. Violation of field-trip rules will result in immediate suspension from the course, with a final grade of "F".


The purpose of this course is to give you some hands-on experience with oceanographic techniques, to allow you an opportunity to observe shoreline processes and coastal geology, and to familiarize you some of the unique coastal environment that southern California has to offer. We also strive to relate the impact of humans on these natural coastal environments. Further information and details of this course will be distributed to you by me, or through your Oceanography Lecture instructor as trip-time approaches. Enrollment for this course is like any other at this college.


Itinerary for Oceanography Field Trip

Preparatory Meetings Saturday, February 10th and Saturday, April 14th. EVERYONE MUST ATTEND.

Friday, May 4th

7:30 am Arrive at PCC completely packed and ready to load the bus (East of "U" Bldg.)

8:00 am Depart Pasadena City College

11:00 am Arrive Point Loma (Discussion and Lunch)

12:30 pm Depart Point Loma

12:45 pm Arrive Sunset Cliffs

1:30 pm Depart Sunset Cliffs

1:45 pm Arrive at Sea World - In-depth Tour (2:00)

5:00 pm Depart Sea World

6:00 pm Arrive at South Carlsbad State Beach - camp overnight

Saturday, May 5th

8:00 am Depart South Carlsbad State Beach

8:30 am Arrive at San Elijo Lagoon

9:30 am Stop at Leucadia State Beach

10:30 am Stop at Batiquitos Lagoon

11:00 am Stop at Agua Hedionda Lagoon

12:00 pm Stop at Wisconsin Street

12:30 pm Arrive Oceanside Pier (lunch)

3:00 pm Depart Oceanside Pier

3:30 pm Arrive San Onofre State Beach

4:00 pm Depart San Onofre State Beach

4:15 pm Arrive at San Clemente State Beach - camp overnight

Sunday, May 6th

8:00 am Depart San Clemente State Beach

8:15 am Arrive at San Clemente Pier

9:45 am Depart San Clemente Pier

10:00 am Arrive at Poche

10:30 am Depart Poche

10:45 am Arrive Dana Point Harbor Overlook

11:15 am Depart Dana Point Harbor Overlook

11:30 am Arrive Dana Point Harbor (Lunch)

12:30 am Depart Dana Point Harbor

1:00 pm Arrive Aliso Creek State Beach

2:30 pm Depart Aliso Creek State Beach

4:00 pm Arrive Pasadena City College


Field notebook, PENCILS (colored & regular), eraser, binoculars (optional), Sleeping bag, tent (if available) or ground cloth, pocketknife, fork, spoon, plate & cup (if you object to paper), flashlight, sunscreen. Warm field clothes (women should not wear short skirts, men either), rain gear (we go out in any weather), swimsuit, sturdy shoes, boots or hiking sandals. You will need to bring your own SACK LUNCH for Friday. YOU (the students) are in charge of arranging food-groups to do the shopping, cooking & cleanup. We will have met ahead of time (see above) to plan meals so nobody goes hungry or complains too much. You may check out ice chests (no unauthorized ice chests permitted!) and a cook box containing pots and pans from the Geology Lab Tech. These items must be returned clean and in good shape during the week after the trip. WE will supply cook stoves, lanterns and fuel.

DO NOT BRING - Booze, illegal drugs, guns, explosives, boom-boxes, TV's or pets.

TOTAL COST = $20.00 This includes Sea World, campgrounds, transportation, use of Geology Club camping equipment, propane, Band-aids etc.

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