If an instructor decided to post grades using college ID numbers he would violate FERPA. FERPA does not allow faculty to display any ID number that can be used to identify a student. Name, social security number and college ID are all used to identify a particular student. Grades may not be posted by a college ID, social security number or name. In this case you posted with an identifying number created specifically for posting that event. This is permitted by FERPA. To protect yourself from any potential problems you should inform the student of your practice is writing. Assure them that their participation is voluntary and ask them to give you permission and their code in writing. Also, be sure you always take the grade list down before leaving the room, the next class will not know your careful policy and it may be assumed that you violated FERPA (unless of course you policy is stated on the grade list itself. It is always best to ensure the "appearance" of compliance.

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