This inductive outline was constructed during the through-read of the article "Among Thugs" written by Bill Buford. The divisions were set up so that the first "mark" appeared at the end of paragraph number three. The second "mark appeared at the end of paragraph number seven. The third "mark" appeared at the end of paragraph number eight.

very specific specific general
the crowd moves in stampedes

the crowd has its own language

the human excrement is similar to what one may expect in a animal pen


The spectators attending European soccer matches act like animals.
you feel every important moment of the play with the inhale and exhale of the entire crowd at each shot

body limbs become tense with anticipation at a goal being scored

There is constant physical contact between spectators at these soccer matches. Regardless of your mental state, it is difficult to avoid succumbing to the crowd mentality when attending a European soccer match.
feelings of anticipation

the match starts to exclude all other thoughts

the match dominates your senses
As the match progresses,  one seems to start to crave the goal.
if the match is tied after regulation, there is more time added on The outcome, victory of defeat is the needed release.

Notice that what is in bold in the middle column and finally in the third column is always a conclusion that is reached based on the question, "What do these specifics seem to have in common, and what do they in total, say about that?"