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Creating A Hybrid Course:  Examples and Ideas

Where can I get ideas? You can get ideas for hybrid classes from publishers, the web and from this page.  This page offers a tip-of-the-iceberg perspective.  The materials listed have been selected for relevance and their rich examples. Take your time reviewing these materials.  Notice what you like and don't like.  This is about what might work well for your class.  Plan to take a break after reviewing this page before proceeding to the next section which will address the how-to issues. Remember the nuts and bolts of how to are not as important as is your vision for the class.

Webquests: Exercises that ask students to search the web are called Webquests.  A Webquests is an internet based exercise designed to:

  • Further explain a subject
  • Show real world applications of the materials
  • Demonstrate how to use the Internet for research.

The use of Webquests in online education have been studied at San Diego State University since 1995.  For more information on that study see:  http://webquest.sdsu.edu/

Webquest:  Go on a Webquest and find ideas that you may be able to use in your class.  One could spend a month on these links.  They are provided to give you are fairly complete resource, but you will probably want to limit your in depth research to just a few.  

More links for ideas:

Good Websites for Online Research


Kristina Kauffman, 2001

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