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Practical Tips for Creating A Hybrid Course

Practical Tools:
Before you can create a dynamic hybrid course you will need to learn some practical tools.  You can do this in a variety of ways:

    • Attend workshops on your campus or at conferences such as TechEd;
    • Take one of more of the online tutorials described below
    • Learn Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver at your own pace through trial and error or by reading the manual
    • Select publisher prepared materials and adjust them to fit the unique needs of your class

 Key Factors to Keep in Mind:

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    • Introduce information in a user-friendly format employing numerous headings, lists where applicable, boxes with definitions, and graphics to make it easier for students to remember the information;
    • Provide context by illustrating how knowledge of the subject may be useful to your life outside the class today or in the future;
    • Accommodate various types of learners by using illustrations, visual analogies, demonstrations, graphs, diagrams, and tables, etc.
      • To learn more about learning styles see Lesson 4 of 4faculty.org.


Online Tutorials:

  • FrontPage Tutorial  (from TrainingTools.com - this tutorial is very thorough, so you may want to skim some sections to get to the information you need most.)
  • Dreamweaver Tutorial (from Linn-Benton Community College in Oregon)

Technical Tips

Find out more about the technical aids available on the web.    


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