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[Tue Sep 12 19:09:13 2000]
<Shan> check out page 91
<Shan> Hi, Marcia and webpup
<D_Han> aren't you a little ahead of the class?
<D_Han> I do believe the assignment was to read only ch.1 from both books
<Shan> these are not my questions, remember. They are Dr. B's
<Shan> Marcia and webpup...the first question was: What is the main difference between a "liberal" and a "conservative"?
<Shan> Anyone care to take a stab?
<Marcia1> computers that is
<shane> conservative like less goverment intervention
<Marcia1> Who is our leader?
<Shan> I am...Shannon here
<D_Han> a liberal is someone who believes the government should help out
<Marcia1> What does a moderate believe?
<D_Han> with problems such as health, education and welfare
<Shan> Marcia 1: the first question was : What is the main difference between a "liberal" and a "conservative"?
<Shan> Right, D_Han
<Shan> a moderate sort of "sits on the fence" between platforms. That's an oversimplified answer, I'm afraid
<Marcia1> I see
<Shan> Hi, Cecelia. The first question is: what is the main difference between a "liberal" and a "conservative"?
<Shan> D_Han - did you get to the conservative yet?
<Shan> Hi, y1
<Shan> anyone else?
<D_Han> that has been asnwered already
<Cecilia> Hello! I lost the connection for a moment. Could you repeat the question?
<D_Han> it was answered by shane
<Shan> gotcha...sorry 'bout that.
<D_Han> so i guess its on to the next question?
<Marcia1> A conservative also believes that individuals are responsible for themselves
<Shan> So, the main difference would be related to domestic affairs and the govt.'s role?
<D_Han> i believe so
<Marcia1> The main difference-as a definition, but today the lines seem to be blurred
<Shan> So, along those lines...Which is more threatened today in America - the rights of individuals or the rights of the majority?
<Shan> How so, Marcia 1?
<Cecilia> The rights of majority.
<Marcia1> It seems that there are so many different versions of each party
<Shan> hold that thought, Cecilia! I'm curious to hear why!
<Marcia1> No more one or the other
<Shan> different versions?
<Marcia1> I agree with Cecilia
<Shan> Hi Claudine
<Cecilia> Right now the whites are 49.7%, latinos 37%, blacks 6.7%, etc, etc
<Shan> we're discussing the differences between "liberals" and "conservatives"
<Marcia1> Mod/cons, lib/mod, etc
<shane> Hey claudine
<Shan> I see, Marcia 1
<claudine> !
<Shan> so are you saying that there appear to be moderates sitting within every party now?
<Marcia1> Some of differing party leaders can actually have very similar views
<Shan> do you think this is a total negative or can it be helpful?
<Shan> jump on in anytime everyone!
<Marcia1> I think now days they have to be moderate in order to try to please the most people
<shane> I agree with marcia
<Shan> the "chameleon" (sp?) approach
<shane> moderates go after there own need and concerns
<Shan> Hi yj
<yj> hello
<shane> which is fine if you know what they really are going to stand for in the end
<yj> what did I miss
<Shan> discussing main difference between conservatives and liberals, yj
<yj> o.k
<Marcia1> I think most politicians are afraid of being too extreme
<shane> There are good point to both conservative and liberals its the extremes which frighten me.
<Marcia1> Shane-that is the difficulty
<yj> I agree
<Shan> I think maybe Marcia is stating that with all the blurring, it's hard to tell what they believe in for real
<Marcia1> Yes
<Shan> Well, we should move to the next question...
<shane> Oh just look whos paying there bills you will know how they think :)
<claudine> A conservative is someone who favors the more traditional views. They don't like changes.
<yj> so who is the leader
<Cecilia> Liberals need to embrace a politics of liberty and community. Conservatives who claim to believe in family values should want to relieve families of some of the presure placed upon them by work and economic distress.
<Shan> Which is more threatened in America today, the rights of individuals or the rights of the majority?
<Shan> I am...shannon here, yj
<al> how
<Cecilia> hello al
<al> hello
<Marcia1> Cecilia- that goes against their beliefs of taking care of yourself
<claudine> I belive the rights of the majority since they don't have the overwhelming vote. The majority tends to be the middle class and poorer people and they are known not to vote.
<Shan> hi, al
<Cecilia> that is correct
<al> what the topic
<Marcia1> There are no majorities anymore, are there?
<al> hi room
<shane> There are majorities of minorities
<Shan> topic is: Which is more threatened in America today, the rights of individuals or the rights of the majority?
<Cecilia> there is no single ethnic majority.
<shane> and unfortunatly these are the people who have the strenght to make a drifference
<Marcia1> Correct
<shane> if we can convince them of the importance of voting
<claudine> there is a majority they just don't vote
<Marcia1> So maybe an individual can get more rights today
<DrB> !
<Shan> Shane - convince who...the middle class and the poor?
<shane> they dont vote becuse they truly believe one person cannot make a change
<DrB> !
<Shan> I was thinking that too, Marcia 1
<shane> yes the midlle class and poor and young adults
<DrB> !
<yj> I think most people don't have faith in their voting that is why they don't vote
<shane> how many times do we here people saying oh what the point in voting its just one vote
<DrB> !
<Cecilia> way too many
<al> yup
<Shan> Yes
<shane> but one vote multiplied by millons makes a difference
<yj> that is true
<DrB> !
<Marcia1> That is our biggest problem today
<Shan> Dr. B
<DrB> Okay..
<DrB> I can see...
<D_Han> but some don't have the time to vote
<yj> people need to be more informed
<DrB> that you are all a little unused...
<DrB> to chatrooms...
<DrB> Hold, on Han...
<DrB> and YJ...
<Marcia1> Apathy starts with disinterest with the choices
<DrB> I have the floor now...
<DrB> Hold on, Marcia...
<DrB> I am speaking now...
<DrB> A few rules...
<DrB> about IRC chat...
<DrB> There is one leader in this room...
<DrB> and that is Shan...
<DrB> She recognizes people to speak...
<DrB> and no one can speak...
<DrB> until they are recognized by the Leader, Shan...
<DrB> If you want to be recognized to speak...
<DrB> Ask Shan for recognition...
<DrB> To do that...
<DrB> you enter a "?" for a question...
<DrB> or a "!" for a statement...
<DrB> Shan will keep track of the the people...
<DrB> requesting recognition...
<DrB> and then you speak when recognized...
<DrB> You may want to use the ellipsis ....
<DrB> [ ... ] ...
<DrB> to indicate that you are still speaking...
<DrB> and then, ....
<DrB> when you're finished...
<DrB> use a final punctuation mark....
<DrB> Also....
<DrB> if you're a slow typist...
<DrB> go ahead and type a complete statement...
<DrB> then wait for recognition...
<DrB> and enter the whole statement at once...
<DrB> If you follow these simple rules...
<DrB> the conversation will be a lot more understandable...\
<DrB> Okay, Shan...
<DrB> take it away.
<Shan> Thanks, so...
<Shan> let's cover one more question...
<Shan> Does ethnic diversity necessarily produce political conflict?
<claudine> !
<Shan> Claudine
<claudine> yes, indeed it does. Because many immigrants don't vote, they do not get right considered.
<Shan> How does that produce conflict? Anyone?
<Marcia1> !
<Shan> Marcia
<Marcia1> I think only conflict within each group- they are really left out of the real conflict of dicision making
<Shan> what sort of political conflict would that bring about?
<claudine> !
<Shan> Claudine
<Marcia1> !
<Shan> anyone else besides Marcia 1 and Claudine have imput on this?
<claudine> I don't agree that the conflict is within each group since each group has a representative. I belive that the vote is not strong enough and that they consistantly loose the vote.
<Shan> that's interesting, claudine
<Shan> Marcia?
<Marcia1> I don't believe they get to share their conflict, because many groups have no representation
<Shan> no, Marcia 1? You feel there isn't proper representation?
<Marcia1> Not of the many minorities we were speaking of, and those that choose not to vote.
<Shan> With so many factors regarding individual opinion, how do you think representation for the masses could be better, Marcia?
<Shan> Anyone else care to jump in?
<Marcia1> More voters actually voting.
<shane> !
<Shan> Shane
<shane> the masses nned to take back more of there power and stop relying on a federal government to fix everything\
<Shan> A more conservative approach there, Shane. I see.
<Marcia1> !
<Shan> Here's another question then...Should Americans have to identify their "race and ethnicity" when filling put gvt. forms?
<Shan> Marcia, go ahead
<yj> !
<shane> ?
<Shan> Shane
<Shan> yj
<Cecilia> !
<yj> Of course not
<Shan> hold that thought, Cecelia
<glory> hello, can anyone answer me.
<Shan> Why not, yj?
<Shan> Hi Glory
<Marcia1> I agree with Shane, but our society has gotten lazy. I feel they is so much mixed races now that it isn't a good idea.
<shane> what is the honest reasoning for need ethnicity on governement form
<D_Han> !
<yj> I don't see why it should matter
<glory> what is the point right now, i think i lost most of the best.
<Shan> Honestly, I don't know. I am opposed to it but I am also opposed to gender on some gvt. forms
<shane> !
<Shan> Hold on, glory
<Shan> Cecelia - you had a comment
<Cecilia> We should learn from the Canadians: they already changed their gvt. forms.
<D_Han> ?
<Shan> And that was another part of the question here, Cecelia. So you agree with the Canadians then
<Shan> D_Han
<Cecilia> Yes, I do.
<D_Han> why are so many people against putting their ethnicity on govt forms?
<shane> 1
<shane> !
<Marcia1> !
<D_Han> I mean I personally believe you should put your ethnicity on it
<Shan> Why, D_Han?
<Shan> Shane
<Shan> Marcia
<D_Han> it at least lets the govt keep track on which ethnicity is keeping up in politics.
<D_Han> just to at least know where each ethnicity stands when it comes to politics
<shane> I agree with you shannon what does your skin color or gender have to do in the long run.
<Shan> is there another way that this could be done, D_Han?
<shane> !
<D_Han> !
<Marcia1> Which of my 5 backgrounds should I pick and do I need to give a percetage of each?
<Shan> go ahead Shan
<Shan> Hmmm, Marcia. that's an interesting thought.
<Shan> shane rather, sorry
<shane> In response to d-Han why does the government need this info give me an understanding of its use.
<claudine2> !
<Shan> anyone else with an opinion on this?
<claudine2> !
<Shan> Claudine 2
<claudine2> !
<Shan> Claudine 2 - you can speak!
<Shan> no one else? Claudine?
<Marcia1> ?
<shane> !
<Shan> Marcia
<Marcia1> Does anyone know if we are the only country that does this?
<Shan> and shane...looks like it's class time (or nearly that time)
<yj> !
<Shan> I don't know that answer but we should ask Dr. B
<Shan> yj
<yj> what do we do now
<Shan> the link for the classroom is on the e-mail from Dr. B - do you all have it?
<glory> no i don't
<Marcia1> yes- go there now?
<yj> yes
<DrB> !
<Shan> Dr. B
<DrB> It's time...
<DrB> to switch over to the main classroom...
<Shan> okay...thanks, all!
<DrB> #polsc1 ...
<DrB> Everybody know how?
<glory> no
<al> no
<DrB> Enter the following, without the quotation marks...
<DrB> " /join #polsc1 "