Instructions for use of Skills Lab Referral form

When a student (MA, LVN, RN, NA) is identified as needing remediation for a skill(s) or other clinical competency, (s)he is to be referred to the Skills Lab for further instruction, demonstration, and/or practice to bring their skills within the specified standards of care as listed in the skills text book and/or facility policy and procedure manual.

The faculty member identifying the need for remediation is to meet with the student, in a timely manner, to list specific skills, activities, and objectives necessary to correct the area of deficiency. Recommendations for specific remediation are encouraged, e.g. view CD-ROM or video, demonstration/return demonstration etc.

It is the responsibility of the referring faculty to complete the upper portions of the referral form and have the student deliver the referral form complete with student signature to the Skills Lab staff or prearranged course faculty member.

The Skills Lab instructor/Coordinator/Faculty will develop a specific timeline plan with the student for remediation. The student has one week to schedule remediation and initiate activities for skill acquisition. The student may not perform the identified skill(s) in the clinical setting until remediation has occurred. The student holds full responsibility for missed clinical learning opportunities secondary to her/his lack of preparedness for clinical practice. Skill deficiency jeopardizes client safety.

At the successful completion of remediation, the Skills Lab Instructor/Coordinator/Faculty will evaluate student progress, sign the bottom of the form and the student will return it to the referring faculty member.