Please note that these recommendations are only stepping off points. You should always check with your Department Chair or Dean to verify the current policy on your campus should you be confronted with one of these situations in your real life.

Scenario 1 - Sexual Harassment

A male student makes an off color joke, and several female students approach you at the end of the class and complain about it. The male student is related to your Department Chair.

Scenario 2 - Plagiarism

A student's assignment contains two or three paragraphs copied verbatim from a web site and there are no citations of where it came from or who wrote it. He is your no. 1 "A" student based on 5 previous assignments, 4 quizzes and 1 mid-term exam.

Scenario 3 - Classroom violence

You are conducting an exam, and a student shouts some expletives to another student and starts a fight. He claims the other student was trying to copy from him.

Scenario 4

A student comes in late to your class every time and always has a funny look. One day you see him outside of the campus with students known to use drugs. Next day he greets you at the school cafeteria, and you smell that distinct aroma of marijuana.

Scenario 5

A student of the opposite sex asks for your help constantly during office hours, and other students are aware. After many assignments and several quizzes, a student complains that you are not being fair in grading because his grades are much lower than the student who asks for your help constantly. He even accuses you of having a romantic relationship with the other student.

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