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Students' most important matriculation task lies in counseling.

Academic counseling services may be available in a variety programs and settings on your campus. Counselors are available to assist students in exploring possible majors, making decisions about future goals, researching transfer options and discussing personal concerns. It is highly recommended that each student make an appointment with an academic counselor at least once a semester. Counselors are committed to providing optimal support to each individual student, in an effort to maximize the student's potential for academic success.

For the student with a certain goal, the follow-up tasks are to: Student and Counsellor

  • Determine the students intended transfer school or occupation
  • Identify major preparation courses
  • Select the required courses in the general education pattern
  • Build these needed courses into a semester by semester plan.

For the student who is exploring potential majors, ADD:

    • Explore courses related to prospective major interests
    • Develop a course taking strategy to (1) prepare simultaneously for several possible transfer schools, and (2) complete the general education courses required for an AA degree and/or BA degree
    • Avoid taking courses that “don’t count” toward eventual educational goals.

For the undecided student, ADD:

  • Learn more about interests, goals, and possible career choices through career counseling and course explorations.


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