Helping Students with Basic Skills

One of the most important aspects of teaching in a community college is helping students learn how to learn your subject. This section explores five common educational challenges faced by community college students, including teaching students how to:
  • Read the material and glean from it what is important
  • Communicate in writing
  • Take useful notes
  • Study efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage their time wisely

Students may ask questions about these issues during class time. If you are prepared with quick and clear advice or have the ability to refer students to materials that can help them, you'll reduce student anxiety and help create independent learners. If a student needs more than a quick response or a reference, you will want to offer assistance during office hours, or immediately following your class.

If one student asks, ten are likely to be sitting quietly asking the same question in their minds. You might want to do a quick classroom assessment and ask for nods from those who would like the question answered in greater depth. In short, it is not just what students should learn about the subject that is important, it is how they become able to learn and continue their studies beyond your class.

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