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Panel Presentations

Panel presentations will provide an additional framework for our class discussions of the elements of poetry. The purpose of the panel presentation is to expose you to a particular element of poetry and provide you with alternate points of view, insights, and critical perspectives surrounding a single poem. Discussing the poem as a group and a class will help you clarify and defend your own ideas while exposing you to other possible interpretations.

Each panel will have approximately twenty minutes to share its critical interpretation with the class. The focus of your discussion is determined by your assigned chapter (you may include other poetic devices in your discussion). You may want to explore connections between your section and others. The possibilities are endless.

A group presentation involves collaboration. Divide up the responsibilities of the group in any way you like, as long as everyone feels the arrangements are equitable. For instance, one member may enjoy working largely behind the scenes, researching, preparing visual aids, etc. Another may prefer leading the discussion, summarizing the discussion, or answering questions. You may decide to divide the work up evenly with each member doing a bit of everything.

In developing a plan, consider how best to enable your audience to understand and appreciate the poem you select. Address not only what the poem is about (content), but also how it is written (form). You may want to be imaginative by involving your audience, giving a "quiz," having students work in groups, interviewing characters, incorporating props or visual aids, etc. It's up to you as a group to decide. The goal is to present your poem to the rest of the class; teach us something.

  • Try to anticipate questions from the class. If your group is confused about some aspect of the poem, it is likely that others will share this confusion.

  • Be creative. You may use the board, visual aids, or anything else you like to make your presentation lively and interesting.

Your group will be evaluated on the content and form of the presentation and will receive a group grade for the group effort. The required length is twenty minutes.

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