1. Please indicate your teaching experience prior to this current semester:

2. If you have prior teaching experience, did you teach:

3. Have you ever taken a course or seminar designed to prepare you to teach?

4. Other than the project, has this college offered any assistance to prepare you to teach?

5. How helpful has this assistance been in preparing you to teach?


In which of the following areas do you feel that you need more preparation?

6. To organize delivery of the curriculum?

7. In communication skills?

8. In methods to evaluate student learning?

9. In knowledge of support services available to you?

10. In knowledge of support services available to students?

11. In techniques for structuring class time?

12.To use a variety of teaching methods?

13. To construct a syllabus?

14. In the use of technology as a teaching tool?

15. In techniques for motivating students?

16. In dealing with various student learning styles?

17. In dealing with students who are underrepresented, i.e. EOPS, DSPS, and others with non-traditional circumstances?

18. To deal with various student classroom disruptions and emergencies?

19. In college policies and procedures?


Please indicate your level of interest in attending or becoming involved in the following college activities:

20. Sporting Event, Musical, Drama/Play, Lecture

21. Faculty Social Activity

22. Committee Meeting, Department Activities

23. Student Club Advising

24. Curriculum Development


How familiar are you with:

25. The history of the college?

26. The mission of the college?

27. Faculty support services?

28. Student support services?


29. How would you rate your overall self-confidence as an instructor?